Welcome to the home of bowls (a.k.a., lawn bowling) in Southern California. The Southwest is one of seven divisions of Bowls USA.

New to the sport? Everything you'll need to know is contained in the Introductory Manual to Lawn Bowls.

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The Southwest Open will be April 21-26

On-line entry will be available in mid-February.

Pasadena To Host its First Annual Rose Lawn Bowl - December 31st

We will be holding the first annual Rose Lawn Bowl at the Historic Greens of Pasadena the day before the Rose Bowl Game. 
It's open to alumni and parents of University of Georgia and Oklahoma University.

There will be 9 slots for each school. We will play 3 triples games. The team who wins 2 of them, is the champion. We expect local TV, Radio and newspapers to be covering the event. 

We're also reaching out to the alumni associations of the two schools. All talent levels are welcome. We will be giving lessons in the days leading up to the event for those who have never bowled. 

The game will take place 10am on Sunday December 31st. We have a new permanent trophy. As of now, the only prize is bragging rights, but in the future we plan to hook up with a charity and award medals. The good news is: This year IT'S FREE!

Interested? contact PLBC Secretary Lee Patrick Sullivan - leepatricksullivan@hotmail.com

Recent Winners

U.S. Open Results - U.S. Open website - full flight results

Women's Singles - Women's Fours - Women's Pairs
Men's Singles - Men's Fours - Men's Pairs

Scott Roberts' Blog at the Champion of Champions

By virtue of winning the 2016 U.S. Men's Singles National Championship, Scott represented the U.S. in the 2017 World Singles Champion of Champions competition Oct 30 - Nov 5 in St. John's Park, NSW, Australia.

Scott reported on the happenings. Follow his Blog here.

The Newport Harbor Club Hosted the
National Championships October 2-7!

2017 Program.

Anne Nunes (Southwest Stars) won the Women's Singles
Dee McSparran & Alice Birkinshaw (South Central) won the Women's Pairs.
Charlie Herbert (Southwest Stars) won the Men's Singles in a playoff with Loren Dion (Southwest Stripes).
Steve Smith & Bill Brault (Southwest Stripes) won the Men's Pairs in a playoff with James Flower & Corey Vose (Southwest Stars).

find the end‑by‑end results here.

Congratulations to the winners of the August 19-22 Professional Bowls Association (PBA) Qualifying Event

Final results are posted here.

If You Missed Scott and Linda on "Born to Talk..."

You missed a great show. Their 1-hour interview is archived on the "Born to Talk" website here.

Southwest News...

Phil Dunn brings the community up-to-date on what's happening in the division. Read the details here.

Used Bowls

Do you have bowls to sell? Are you looking for used bowls to buy? Randy Hatfield (Laguna Beach & Newport) created this site to bring buyers and sellers together.

 World Cup Indoor Singles 

This prestigious international singles tournament was held March 14‑22 in Warilla, NSW, Australia. The U.S. was represented by our own Scott Roberts and Margi Rambo. Scott reports the happenings on his blog below:

Scott's Blog

The section results pages that include the U.S. entries are posted here:

Women - Men

The link to the host club: Warilla Bowls Recreation Club.

 Tiger Bowls World Invitation & China Tour 

The U.S. was represented in this March 11‑22 international event in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, China, by:

Bob Birkinshaw -  SC Mary Ann Beath SC
Patrick Chan -  SW Cheryl Barkovich SW
Kay Tong -  SW Alice Birkinshaw SC
Marcus Zeino -  PI Betsy Lauryssen SW


Team PBA Women did it again! A Bronze in the China Tour!



Team USA Men just missed qualifying for the quarterfinals in the tie breaker with Canada.
The teammates are: Patrick Chan (SW), Bob Birkinshaw (SC), Kay Tong (SW), and Marcus Zeino (PI).


Congratulations to Team PBA Women for taking the Bronze in the
Tiger Bowls Championship Cup!


More about the tournament on this Bowls USA page.

The World Bowls Chamionships

Read Scott Roberts' Blog here.

"The pinnacle event of the bowling world, the World Championships are held every four years. Top qualifying countries will send their men's and women's teams to Christchurch to decide the World Champions 2016 Men's and Women's fours, triples, pairs, singles, Men's overall Champion Country, and the Women's overall Champion Country."

The competition was Nov. 29 - Dec. 11, 2016, in Christchurch, NZ.
(event website)

FULL RESULTS:   Men - Women
(click on tabs for specific events)

Team USA Results:

Women’s Singles: Kim: 6th
Women's Triples: Anne, Janice & Candy: 6th
Women’s Fours: Anne, Janice, Michele & Candy: 4th
Men’s Pairs: Charlie & Aaron: 5th
Men’s Triples: James, Scott & Phil: 6th
Men's Fours: Charlie, James, Scott & Aaron: 3rd

Details of the tournament and Team USA participants are provided here on the Bowls USA website.

U.S. Players
  Phil Dunn (SW) Michele Arculli (NE)
  James Flower (SW) Janice Bell (NW)
  Charlie Herbert (SW) Candy DeFazio (SW)
  Scott Roberts (SW) Kim Heiser (SW)
  Aaron Zangl (SW) Anne Nunes (SW)
    Margi Rambo (SW)
    Linda Roberts (SW)

Congratulations Scott!

Sports Illustrated Magazine recognized our own Scott Roberts in its November 21, 2016 issue:

Internet Radio Interview - Scott Roberts and Aaron Zangl

On Monday April 25, 2017, at 1-2 PM (Pacific), Scott and Aaron explained our sport and got the word out about the May 7th open houses during Marsha Wietecha's internet radio show, "Born To Talk".

It's archived here.