2017 Winners (scroll down for prior year photos)
Women's Singles Men's Singles

Anne Nunes **

Heidi Rittner //

Charlie Herbert **

Loren Dion //
Women's Pairs

Eva Lee

Candy DeFazio

Debby Gaal

Norma Goodhart
Men's Pairs

James Flower

Corey Vose

Steve Smith

Bill Brault


Playdowns are tournaments that determine the men and women who represent their division at the Bowls USA National Championships. Our Playdowns include singles and pairs competitions that are open to all U.S. citizen Bowls USA members of the Southwest Division.

Men and women compete separately. The Playdowns occur over two weekends (see the calendar). The rules are contained in the Men's Blue Book (singles - pairs) and Women's Tournament Manual.

The other six Bowls USA divisions send one entry in each of the four categories to the Championships, but due to the population of our division and the need to have an even number of entries, the Southwest sends two (identified Stars and Stripes).

National Championship singles winners represent the U.S. in the World Singles Champion of Champions the following year.

Visit this Bowls USA page for details of the Championships.

Southwest Playdown Winners

those who won their National Championship category are highlighted
Charlie Herbert James Flower - Corey Vose 2017 Stars Anne Nunes Eva Lee - Candy DeFazio
Loren Dion Steve Smith - Bill Brault Stripes Heidi Rittner Debby Gaal - Norma Goodhart
Robert Busciglio Steve Smith - Bill Brault 2016 Stars Margi Rambo Kottia Spangler - Dee McSparran
Scott Roberts Jim Olson - Ed Quo Stripes Rosa Baer* Eva Lee - Candy DeFazio
Bill Brault Charlie Herbert - Brian Stewart 2015 Stars Anne Nunes Dee McSparran - Candy DeFazio
Mert Isaacman Steve Smith - Joe Regan Stripes Margi Rambo Patricia Cronshaw - Hildegard Kennedy
Bill Brault Charlie Herbert - Steve Smith 2014 Stars Dee McSparran Eileen Lancendorfer - Carol Poto
Neil Furman Howard Harris - Leonard Wasserman Stripes Heather Stewart Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Bill Brault Mert Isaacman - Phil Dunn 2013 Stars Kim Heiser Christine Ludwig - Christine Collins
Charlie Herbert Ian Ho - Jim Olson Stripes Anne Nunes Dee McSparran - Candy DeFazio
Scott Roberts Neil Furman - Jason Adams 2012 Stars Carol Poto Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Steve Smith Mert Isaacman - Phil Dunn Stripes Eva Lee Patricia Cronshaw - Mary DeLisle
Loren Dion Tony Baer - Aaron Zangl 2011 Stars Rosa Baer* Maryna Hyland - Heather Stewart
Steve Smith Charlie Herbert - Brian Stewart Stripes Kim Heiser Christine Ludwig - Eileen Morton
Steve Smith Bill Kagan - Joe Siegman 2010 Stars Heather Stewart Sybil Bernash - Jan Hargraves
Michael Buono Roger Teske - Phil Salt Stripes Rosa Gandara* Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Phil Salt Gary FischerĀ - Howard Harris 2009 Stars Rosa Gandara* Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Michael Siddall Tony Baer - Ian Ho Stripes Cecile Langevin Patricia Cronshaw - Carrie Fossati
Michael Siddall Neville Sacks - Joe Siegman 2008 Stars Rosa Gandara* Christine Ludwig - Melanie Vizenor
Jim Olson Tony Baer - Bill Brault Stripes Kim Heiser Patricia Cronshaw - Carrie Fossati
Jim Olson Liam Courtney - Bill Brault 2007 Stars Katy Stone Kim Heiser - Eva Lee
Mert Isaacman Bill Hiscock - Gery Wagner Stripes Rosa Gandara* Robin Olson - Tanya Hills
Simon Meyerowitz Bill Reidy - Sam Benjamin 2006 Stars Christine Ludwig Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Jim Olson Steve Smith - Howard Harris Stripes Rosa Gandara* Patricia Cronshaw - Carrie Fossati
Simon Meyerowitz Tony Baer - Ian Ho 2005 Stars Rosa Gandara* Robin Olson - Patricia Gonzales
Roger Teske Ed Quo - Patrick Chan Stripes Anne Nunes Maryna Hyland - Katy Stone
Steve Smith Tony Baer - Peter Ritchie 2004 Stars Cecile Langevin Mary DeLisle - Patricia Cronshaw
Mert Isaacman Simon Meyerowitz - Bob Nunes Stripes Robin Olson Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Jim Olson Mert Hill - Ed Quo 2003 Stars Maryna Hyland Cecile Langevin - Shirley Price
Steve Smith Mert Isaacman - Simon Meyerowitz Stripes Anne Nunes Mary DeLisle - Patricia Cronshaw
Bob Nunes Neville Sacks - Joe Siegman 2002 Patricia Gonzales Kottia Spangler - Anne Nunes
Bob Nunes Ivan Hyland - Michael Siddall 2001 Kathy Vea Patricia Gonzales - Robin Olson
Ed Quo Ivan Hyland - Michael Siddall 2000 Katy Stone Anne Barber - Anne Cherney
* Rosa Gandara = Rosa Baer